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O/E and E/O converting devices are made of compound semiconductors. Major devices in this field are LED (Light Emitting Diode), Laser Diode, and Optical Wave Guide. Especially, LED is rapidly spreading its application since blue LED was developed.

Electronic Components

Semiconductor sensors such as pressure sensor and magnetic sensors, RF devices for cell phones, GPS anntenna and satelite broadcasting, and SAW filters, which select or create specific frequency are used in all telecommunication devices and electronic devices. Additionaly this field is expanding to biotechnology such as Micro-TAS to analyze DNAs and proteins.


TSV (Through Silicon Via) is getting popular. Highly anisotropic process on poly-silicon in nano scale and failure analysis on the circuit boards are also in this field.

Packaging, Surface Treatment

Surface cleaning is getting more difficult as circuit board is getting smaller, thinner, and more multi-pins. Especially, BGA (Ball Grid Array) requires highly reliable cleaning.

Display Devices

Organic EL(Electro Luminescence), LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) and PDP (Plasma Display Panel) are in this field.

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