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As a leading supplier of GaN power device etching solutions, samco-ucp systems and process technology provide high uniformity, low damage etching with excellent etch-rate control and precision endpoint detection.

Key Capabilities

1) Repeatable Low-rate Etching (AlGaN: ~1nm/min)
Repeatable run-to-run etch-rates from 1nm/min facilitate precise depth control.
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      Low Rate GaN Etching

2) High GaN/AlGaN Selectivity Etching (GaN/AlGaN 100:1)
Achieve etching-stop on the AlGaN interface without over-etching.
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      High GaN/AlGaN Selectivity

3) Precision Depth Measurement and Endpoint Detection
Accurately endpoint AlGaN recess etches to the nanometer (eg 27nm etched).
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  Precise GaN Etching Depth Control

4) High Uniformity Etching on 150 or 200mm Wafers(+/- 3%)
High uniformity allows accurate etch depth control over the entire wafer.

5) Low Damage Processing
Hardware optimized for low BIAS power processing reduces plasma damage and improves device performance.


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