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LED Manufacturing Seminar in Taiwan

May 4, 2010

 May 4, 2010 - Mr. Osamu Tsuji, CEO of SAMCO, was invited to a seminar hosted by Taiwan Photonics Industry & Technology Development Association in Taipei, Taiwan, where he spoke on the latest technologies and market trends.

 During the seminar, representatives of three leading companies in the LED manufacturing equipment industry, Aixtron (Germany), DISCO (Japan), and SAMCO spoke about LED markets, process technologies, and their products. Mr. Tsuji of SAMCO gave a lecture on how to improve the luminance efficiency and manufacturing process of LEDs. He also introduced our product line-ups representing four processes--MOCVD, CVD, etching, and cleaning systems, as well as our total solution, called the "One Stop Solution".

 The LED market in Taiwan continues to grow, and SAMCO has sold many systems to major Taiwanese LED manufacturers. Many of SAMCO's users participated in this seminar and expressed high expectations for the "One Stop Solution", a sign that SAMCO systems are highly regarded in the industry.

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