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The letter of intent with regard to purchase of the shares of UCP Processing Ltd.

Feb 14, 2014

samco-ucp ltd., a leading provider of plasma etching and CVD solutions to compound semiconductor device manufacturers, announced that SAMCO has made an agreement with Büchel Holding ("Büchel") to purchase ninety (90) percent of the issued shares of UCP Processing Ltd ("UCP"), which is the wholly-owned subsidiary of Büchel. UCP, which is located in Liechtenstein, manufactures and sells precision plasma cleaning systems for semiconductor production.

1. The Purpose of the Stock Purchase

SAMCO has been primarily engaged in the manufacture and sales of process equipment for compound semiconductor production, especially catering to applications such as LED and power devices. SAMCO has been focused on expansion of its product sales internationally, and currently has direct sales and service offices in the United States, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, and Vietnam. Furthermore, SAMCO has been seeking the opportunity to establish sales and/or service offices in Europe. The acquisition of UCP will lead to the establishment of a SAMCO office at UCP's location in Liechtenstein, in the central part of continental Europe, and will give SAMCO better access to customers in Germany, France, and Italy, three important European markets. Additionally, SAMCO foresees a positive synergy effect in the acquisition, as both SAMCO and UCP have abundant experience in the manufacture and sales of plasma cleaning systems. After the acquisition of UCP, SAMCO plans to sell its products (e.g. plasma etching and CVD systems) using UCP's existing sales network in Europe.

2. UCP Company Information

  1. Company Name: UCP Processing Ltd.
  2. Head Office: Industriering 10, LI-9491 Ruggell, Liechtenstein
  3. Establishment: October 8, 2003 (became independent from Balzers & Leybold AG)
  4. Main Office: Same as Head Office
  5. Main Business: Manufacture and sales of plasma cleaning systems for semiconductor production
  6. Capital: 1,155,000 CHF
  7. Number of Directors and Employees: Less than ten (10), as of December 2013
  8. Sales Revenue in 2013: 2,043,000 CHF

3. Details about Stock Purchase

  1. Amount of Shares to be Purchased: 9.45 shares (ninety (90) percent of the issued shares of UCP)
  2. Method of Payment for Shares: Cash
  3. Fundraising: Imprest Fund
  4. Method of Acquiring Shares: Through purchase of shares from Büchel, which possesses a hundred (100) percent of the UCP shares
  5. Purchase Schedule: Contract to be finalized by April 30, 2014.

4. Details about Büchel

  1. Company Name: Büchel Holdings
  2. Head Office: Industriering 10, LI-9491 Ruggell, Liechtenstein
  3. CEO: Büchel Herbert

5. The Effect on SAMCO Sales Revenue
SAMCO will publish details about the effect of this UCP acquisition on sales revenue if it is necessary in accordance with the relevant law.

Since its founding in 1979, SAMCO has been focused on providing cutting-edge thin-film process equipment and process knowledge to our customers, partnering with them to meet the next generation device challenges. SAMCO develops and manufactures a wide variety of deposition (PECVD), etching (ICP, RIE, DRIE), and surface treatment (Plasma and UV-Ozone Cleaning) systems for both production and R&D applications. We provide process expertise and turnkey systems to major manufacturers world-wide in the compound semiconductor, optoelectronics, MEMS and other industries.

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