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Reactive Ion Etching System

RIE-200C dry etching system was designed as an automated version of the highly popular RIE-10NR for high volume manufacturing.

The RIE-200C is a high precision plasma reactive ion etching system that can be used to anisotropically etch all types of silicon based films. This system is a single wafer processing cassette-to-cassette etching machine.


Main Unit: 750mm (W) x 1770mm (D) x 1600mm (H)

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  • Features
  • Applications
  • Automatic processing of 5", 6" or 8" wafers

  • Easy to use computerized touch panel enables fully automatic operation of the system, as well as management of process parameters

  • Equipped with a mapping sensor

  • Dual-arm robot that greatly reduces tact time

  • Configured to enable high speed evacuation of the reaction chamber during the etch process

  • Designed to minimize clean room space requirements

  • Superior anisotropic etching performance for silicon films used in ULSI devices

  • Etching of refractory metal films

  • Fabrication of light waveguides

  • Fabrication of micromachines

  • Manufacturing of various types of sensors

  • Processing of wafer level chip scale packages

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