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Corresponding systems: RIE-200iPC

Gallium nitride (GaN) is now illuminating the future of optoelectronics and power devices. samco-ucp continues to provide high quality GaN etching solutions, most notably the RIE-200iPC (a cassette-to-cassette etching system specifically designed for stable, precise, and highly selective anisotropic GaN etching).

GaN Etching Capability:

  • Low damage, repeatable recess etching (1 nm/min) with smooth bottoms for AlGaN thickness control
  • Anisotropic or reverse-taper etching with smooth sidewalls
  • Gate formation using highly selective GaN/AlGaN etching
  • GaN/AlGaN selectivity of over 100:1
  • SiN/AlGaN selectivity of over 100:1
  • Stable, low etch rate of 0.8 nm/min at bias RF power of 5W
  • Uniformity of more than ±1.11% across a 6" wafer
  • Electrostatic chuck, helium backside cooling, and heat-resistant photoresist processing combine to keep wafer temperature low and prevent photoresist deformation
  • Pre-treatment for reduced offset time and process stabilization increases etch depth accuracy
  • Optimized process chamber with plasma discharge monitor
  • Load-lock chamber with multi-joint arm type robot for direct wafer transfer under vacuum
  • Cassette chamber with vacuum elevator robot for higher throughput
  • Endpoint detection system for greater etch depth control
   Reverse-taper GaN Etch
   Reverse-taper GaN Etch

   AlGaN Recess Etch
   AlGaN Recess Etch (RIE-200iP)

Gas Flow Effect on GaN Etch Rate and GaN/AlGaN Selectivity
Gas Flow Effect on GaN Etch Rate and GaN/AlGaN Selectivity
Bias Power Effect on AlGaN Etch Rate
          Bias Power Effect on AlGaN Etch Rate

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