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Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) Etching System
RIE-200iPC is a cassette-to-cassette ICP etching system for production applications. The system features a proprietary tornado coil electrode design that efficiently generates a stable high-density plasma which ensures high selectivity, superior etching precision and excellent uniformity. The RIE-200iPC is ideal for applications that require high speed deep etching of silicon oxide and compound semiconductor films such as InP, GaN, AlGaAs and GaAs.
SAMCO also manufactures Model RIE-230iPC which is an automated cassette-to-cassette system that can process batches of twelve 2" wafers or three 4" wafers.


Main Unit: 1206mm (W) x 2015mm (D) x 2063.5mm (H)

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  • Features
  • Applications
  • Direct transfer of max. φ8" wafers

  • Cassette-to-cassette production type system

  • Active wafer temperature control (Helium backside cooling)

  • Electrostatic chuck for wafer clamping

  • Processing of multiple wafers possible using the tray cassette

  • Fully automatic operation using graphical touch panel screen

  • Data management and recipe management

  • Data logging is possible with use of an optional PC

  • Low-damage etching of GaN, GaAs, InP for production of electronic and light emitting devices

  • Etching of ferroelectric materials for memory devices

  • High-speed etching for micromachine production

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