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Plasma Cleaner
for surface cleaning and treatment
The samco-ucp PC-300 is a parallel-plate plasma cleaning system for the cleaning of products such as plastic microelectronic packages and lead frames as well as for the surface modification of organic films. Our plasma cleaner provides both RIE and plasma processing modes which enables the user to select the optimum processing environment for the unique needs of each product.
Plasma cleaning and surface treatment may be applied to a wide variety of materials, including glass, metals, plastics, polymers, biomaterials, PDMS, semiconductors, ceramics and composites.


Main Unit: 500(W) x 548(D) x 513(H) mm

Vacuum Pump: 170(W) x 241(D) x 586(H) mm

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  • Features
  • Applications
  • The system provides two different process modes (RIE mode and Plasma mode)

  • Fully automatic processing capability

  • Recipes can be created and stored using the touch panel operator interface (100 recipes)

  • The system has a small footprint and can be installed on a table-top

  • Surface cleaning of plastic packages and lead-frames

  • Precision cleaning of optical components and molds

  • Surface processing of organic films

  • Ashing of photoresist

  • Removal of organic contaminants

  • Improvement of adhesion

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