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Plasma Cleaners (Remote Plasma)
The samco-ucp FlexLiner is a production type plasma cleaning system designed for surface cleaning of various types of leadframe packages.
This system operates with a remote plasma source in the downstream process mode. The plasma is generated by RF power in the source and then injected into the process chamber through a shower head.


1415mm(W)× 1162mm(D)× 1810mm(H)

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  • Features
  • Applications
  • Single substrate volume production equipment for various types of chip carrier substrates up to 330×330mm

  • Left-in, right-out or same magazine in and out operation possible

  • Extremely gentle substrate handling with minimal movement of substrates and magazines

  • Touchscreen GUI for user-friendly, intuitive operation

  • Ideal for large substrate and / or magazine size

  • Typical process gases Ar, H2 and N2 for optimum surface activation and soft chemical removal

  • Surface cleaning of metal leadframes, plastic microelectronic packages, MEMS or micro-optic packages, hybrid or multi-chip modules

  • Surface treatment for improvement of gluing, bonding or encapsulation

  • Mainly surface activation and removal of oxides or organic residues

  • Optimum plasma processing for a variety of materials in semiconductor technology

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