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SAMCO's New York Office Strengthens Presence in U.S. East Coast

May 15, 2014

SAMCO is constantly on the move, and is proud to announce the relocation of its U.S. East Coast regional office. Due to a rise in customers in the Northeast, the current office in North Carolina has been moved to New York, and the new office is set to open on May 15, 2014. The relocation is aimed at enhancing SAMCO's sales presence and service capability in the region.

In 1987, SAMCO's U.S. West Coast office was established in Silicon Valley and became the platform for SAMCO's R&D, sales, and service operations in the U.S. The first SAMCO East Coast office was set up in 2010 near North Carolina's Research Triangle Park (the largest research park in the U.S.) due to an increase in business interest arising from the East Coast in recent years. The goal of the East Coast office was acceleration of sales and service movement in the region. However, the North Carolina office was distant from key East Coast customers such as Princeton University, University of Delaware, and several growing corporations, all of which are located in the Northeast. In anticipation of further sales expansion in the Northeast, the East Coast office was relocated to New York to allow for easy access to universities, R&D centers, and corporations around major cities in the Northeast.

SAMCO promotes academic-industrial alliance in research, and is already engaging in joint research and technological exchange with institutions such as Princeton University. The establishment of the new office will allow for the dispatch of technical personnel from SAMCO's headquarters in Japan to the New York office and strengthen SAMCO's collaborative research ability with prominent universities in the East Coast.

In April 2013, SAMCO's West Coast office (called OPTO Films Research Laboratory) was moved into a larger facility, which enables a boost in SAMCO's R&D capability. With the addition of technical personnel to the new East Coast office in New York, SAMCO hopes to increase its North American annual sales revenue to over US$10 million.


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